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Through the many years that Bobby has been doing this type of work and his own self discovery, he has found the best way to offer assistance…point a person to their OWN knowingness.
Bobby's intuitive ability allows him to help point the way to those who are feeling lost, stuck and unable to create anything they desire.
Bobby has helped thousands of people with his unique process. He still believes that one of the ultimate forms of healing is connecting with loved ones who have crossed over. And helping a person to actually 'feel' their loved ones around can help them move through the grieving process.
Your loved ones can not only see what's happening in our lives,
but can always offer support in a variety of ways. Understanding how to recognize the communication and signs from them, and has given much-needed closure and healing.
PRIVATE READINGS:  Receive intuitive life coaching, messages from the other side, and psychic readings...
Call 626-696-3019 or Request an appointment now!
"Bobby helped me understand the power I have over my life"
Deanna B., Rapid City, SD
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